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Blockchain technology is a really amazing new utility network, providing transparency and a generational opportunity. The blockchain technology powered by decentralization and peer to peer transaction with trust and no presence of central intermediaries. The technology equalizing the database infrastructure across organization within financial transactions, benefits with less cost, fast, secure, safe, irrevocable in transactions and asset value growth.

Our company has been extremely future thinking about digital, blockchain technology and the opportunity that it gives us. As we see into the digital world where we have more and more opportunities, it has shown from small level to a bigger level business around the world. And this is the reason Cipher crypto technologies limited company adopted the technology to execute large-scale digital programs. We provide end-to-end across strategy, consulting, and our operations are absolutely transparent and secure in the marketplace.


Mobile Technology

Mobile applications offer immediate access just by a tap. These applications allow users to consume their content quickly and offering continuous experience via storing dynamic data that can be accessed offline too. Some application can be played without internet connection and is just wonderful.

The greatest advantage of mobile apps is that it increases communications between people.

These are the below advantages of mobile application.

  • Mobile Applications are quicker
  • Prompt Online and Offline access
  • Instant push notifications and regular updates
  • Easy and interactive communication
  • Works even on low internet speed

Web Technology

The Web technology is just not a space of information, but a tool to connect people with common interests.

The power of this technology is to empower anybody to share information.

Web 3.0 advantages

1) Semantic Web-Understanding the meaning of words

2) Artificial Intelligence-Think like human and understand the needs

3) 3D Graphics-3-dimensional design

4) Connectivity-Highest level of experience

5) Ubiquity-Use of multiple applications

6) Incredible Functionality, high quality and more powerful programs.

7) Pure Portability and Search Engine Friendly

8) Works with smart phone devices


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The Greatest Creations That We Render To The World Brings Us True Happiness


Cipher Zap

Cipherzap is a useful, reasonable and secure electric auto service. Hire a driver to pick you up & take you to your destination with the tap of a button on your phone - and they'll arrive within minutes.


Cipher Wellness

The unique 21 days program to educate lifestyle changes through crypto community power.



Cipher11 is a leading Fantasy Sports platform where everybody can win real prize using their knowledge and skills in various sports like Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, and Hockey etc..


Cipher Token

Cipher (CPR) is a Ethereum Blockchain based ERC20 Utility token. The community will get rewards and offer in Cipher token by utilizing our mobile and web applications. It is well advanced and secured Cipher token management system, For easy use of our services.


Cipher Exchange

The exchanges can be established by firms which are ready to buy and sell coins on a regular and continuous basis at a publicly quoted price.


Cipher Talks

This is a crypto social media platform for a social crypto follower, who can register with real name and identity to guide, advice and discuss the latest information about crypto industry and market.


Cipher Market Cap

Cipher Market Cap is a new website which is designed to empower the cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts with the most recent updates from the market.


Cipher Holidays

We extremely pleased to introduce ourselves as a helping hand in tour operation and destination management. It's a growing Tour agency in the field of Tourism, with the aim of providing most pleasant, relaxing and economical tours .


Cipher Lifestyle

Cipher Lifestyle is a well advanced and safe E-commerce platform to buy the best products in the industry. Every product is evaluated before launching in the market.


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